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Abintus offer four coaching pathways. Please read below
to discover which pathway is relevant to you and your organisation.

One-to-one Leadership Coaching

For line managers looking to improve their performance, behaviours or capabilities through one-to-one coaching.

This approach focuses on developing inner leadership potential to directly impact on overall confidence and performance.

We target areas such as:

  • Senior manager coaching including leadership authenticity and brand, their 'first 100 days of leadership'
  • Assisting senior managers and leaders to develop leadership behaviours and thinking
  • Leader work-life balance and management
  • Exploring a leader's career direction or transition to new roles
  • Techniques to maintain and increase performance by effective adaptation and embracing of organisational and personal change
  • Intensive coaching – recognising that sometimes immediate change or action is required. Powerful tailored and structured 1-day coaching session with up to 3 hours subsequent telephone or Skype support
  • Facilitated coaching of teams to provide the team leader the support and direction they need

Developing your own coaches - Abintus help organisations from within

Developing Your Own Coaches

For organisations who want to develop from within, by creating effective and confident workplace coaches.

We run intensive coaching practice and behaviour focused workshops to help your line managers enhance the skills and approaches needed to be effective, confident and transformational coaches.

Abintus run two turnkey coaching programmes, but can also design programmes to your specification:

  • Creating workplace coaches - giving prospective coaches the fundamental skills and practice in coaching.
  • Developing your workplace coaches - taking coaches to the next level of development and practice.
  • Mentoring workshops and support

Mentoring workshops and support

Ensuring that managers and leaders who fulfil a mentoring role have the right skill set to mentor safely and effectively. Abintus currently run an in-house 1 day workshop to develop internal mentors:


Rule of thumb for supervision, is that for every 24 hours of coaching there should be 1 hour of coach supervision. Often overlooked when thinking about implementing coaching, it ensures that consistency, quality and coaching ethics are adhered to, whilst reducing risk to coaches and the organisation.

Abintus provide supervision to your in-house coaches and mentors, ensuring that they are fully supported, guided and developed, through a 1-day Developing Supervision Skills for Internal Supervisors and Managers.

Coaching CPD

Abintus can offer Continued Professional Development activities for your internal coaches through 2 hour sessions. This ensures that they have regular opportunities to refresh and add to their coaching professional knowledge. Abintus offer a range of CPD Options.

Developing Your Coaching Culture

To embed coaching, make it part of the organisational ‘DNA’ and language requires effort, cunning and integration.

Abintus can support you to instigate the dialogue, challenge and opportunity to bring coaching to the forefront as an organisational performance approach by:

  • Reviewing and developing the ‘readiness’ of your organisation for developing coaching culture.
  • Supporting you in developing, growing and reviewing your coaching strategy and processes, aligning it to your people or HR strategies.
  • Coaching you on the ‘journey’ to implementing and communicating this culture and philosophy.
  • Working with you to discover the best approach to developing and using coaches and resources within your organisation.
  • Helping you to maintain and expand your internal provision.
  • Performing a 'health check' on the state of your coaching by working with all those engaged in your coaching sphere, feeding back and making recommendations for its future growth.


Abintus Leadership Training & Development

We work with clients to understand the problems they are trying to solve and tailor the content, examples, methods and tools to ensure the needs of the individuals and organisation are exceeded.

Abintus have experience of delivering the following ‘soft’ or ‘tactical’ skill and behaviour training:

  • DiSC team behaviours analysis and relationship development workshops
  • Understanding, leading and working with teams through change
  • Train the trainer
  • Presenting with impact
  • Team development
  • Managing conflict
  • Influencing
  • Ideas generation
  • Self management and self efficiency
  • Leading and managing meetings
  • Edward de Bono’s Six Hats workshop – team and meeting effectiveness
  • Half or full day workshop sessions
  • Highly experiential and interactive – can be run with or without PowerPoint

Leadership and Management

  • DiSC leadership and management behaviours identification and development
  • Team member development
  • Understanding and developing ‘team dysfunction’
  • Creating the team culture you want
  • Team leader
  • First line manager
  • Middle manager
  • Leading and developing teams

To ensure the quality of the content and best practice, many workshops are designed to follow the Institute of Leadership and Management ILM ‘Indicative content’. However prior to any development being designed we will hold conversations with key stakeholders to understand their development needs. We will undertake a diagnostic assessment with all stakeholders to then be able to propose a bespoke approach to the content and deliver methods.

If any organisation follows a particular leadership model or philosophy we can make this central to the development, language and outputs.

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