Employee and Team Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching - Employee and Team Performance Coaching

Boost Performance
with group or one-to-one professional coaching

In any business, employees and teams need to work together with synergy and support to achieve great results. However, often factors such as negative team culture, lack of direction or motivation and poor management can affect overall team performance.

That’s why Abintus use performance coaching to support employees and teams in the workplace. We help employees and teams to capitalise upon their strengths, understand their blockages and to work through their weaknesses. All in a way that focuses on improving performance through developing positive, healthy behaviours and mindsets.

Performance Coaching - Employee and Team Performance Coaching

Employee and Team Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching - Employee and Team Performance Coaching

Could You Benefit From Coaching?

Are you a manager looking to improve the performance and culture of your employees and teams? Or perhaps you’re a team member struggling with team culture and atmosphere, who believes your team aren’t meeting their true potential.

Abintus support individuals and teams who suffer from:

  • Lack of motivation
  • Poor communication
  • Consistent inability to hit performance targets
  • Lack of accountability
  • Frequent sick days
  • Feeling underappreciated and undervalued
  • Lack of clarity about business goals
  • Unhealthy work / life balance
  • Poor communication

Coaching works by honing or improving existing individual and team skills. If you or your team have never had any specific skills training around any of the areas above, you might want to consider Abintus Employee and Team Training before you consider our coaching pathway.

Areas Covered

  • Performance improvement
  • Adjusting to or transitioning through growth or change
  • Identifying own skills, abilities and potential within work
  • Improving employee and team relationships
  • Boosting personal confidence in delivering work, presentations and interviews
  • Examining and reviewing skills, approaches and calls in customer service centres
  • Developing and improving sales team and individual sales performance.
  • Developing awareness of customer styles and working on necessary language and behavioural adaptations
  • Exploring and challenging employee behaviour, standards and performance in non-threatening ways
  • Developing tactics and strategies to manage own personal well being.
  • Creating an environment of trust and openness

Benefits Received

  • Improved mindset around how to view work, challenges and opportunities
  • Broadened skill set and improved application of skills
  • Increased ability to deal with work and situations that arise, reducing time and financial costs to overall business
  • Ability to become more self-sufficient in finding solutions to situations without dependence on others
  • Improved skill and mindset readiness to apply for team leader role
  • Improved analysis – able to analyse situations more effectively to make healthier and more informed decisions
  • More efficient, faster delivery times on pieces of work and communication with stakeholders
  • Improved engagement and relationships with teams, coworkers and customers
  • Awareness of how to approach situations with assertiveness
  • Increased self-awareness and accountability

Abintus employee and team coaching works best in combination with our management and senior leadership coaching pathway. When employees, teams and senior leaders work together within the coaching process, great things start to happen!

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