About Abintus

‘Ab intus’ is the Latin for “From within”

About Abintus Coaching

‘Ab Intus’ is the Latin for “From within”

Abintus work on the premise that leaders already possess the skills, abilities and experience they need to become more successful and grow their teams and business. However, even the most successful business leaders need sounding boards to draw out or hone these abilities further. They often need assistance or advice when it comes to their direction and motivation to achieve.

Being the Best Versions of Themselves

 Since starting in 2016, Abintus has actively helped hundreds of leaders and managers across areas such as financial services, utilities, IT the public sector, and many more.

Abintus also trains leaders to become coaches and mentors, ensuring they develop a strong coaching skill set which they can apply to their workplace, teams and projects moving forward. This helps business leaders to become more confident and self-sufficient, rather than relying on coaching services.

About Nick

Nick has always believed in helping and serving people for them to help themselves. In his volunteering he has mentored young people in ‘care’ situations looking at their personal development and growth, getting them active and simply ‘being there for them’. This belief continues to be at the core of his career.

Nick is a qualified coach through Chartered Institute of Personnel Development and European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and Qualified Organisational Coach Supervisor through Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring.


Nick has trained over 250 people in coaching and mentoring skills and supervised over 80 more through their EMCC or Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) coaching qualifications. As well as a degree in education Nick has received development via ILM and Henley Business School. He continues to assess and internally verify qualification work for ILM. He is a member of EMCC and for them has acted as a large organisation liaison partner and also delivered continued professional development. Nick is a Certified DiSC Trainer and uses DiSC to help clients and teams understand their behaviour styles and how to develop them to improve team and individual relationships.

Outside of work Nick is an avid cyclist, focusing on longer-distance events and touring. He has toured throughout the UK, France and Spain on his bike, with ambitions of going much further afield. Other interests include fly fishing and developing his culinary abilities!

About Abintus Coaching

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