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Giving Feedback: Why The Managers You Hired Might Be Avoiding It…

By ab-intus | 3rd July 2019

Giving and receiving feedback is one of the most important aspects of being a good leader. But many managers and leaders really struggle with this aspect of the job. Here are some of the main reasons why leaders may not be giving regular, consistent feedback. Why is giving feedback important? When I run development or […]

Enabling your managers to become leaders

By ab-intus | 3rd July 2019

So you have a set of good managers, but how do you get them to become leaders? As a senior leader you have a key role in nurturing them, helping them to become leaders of people and organisations. But how do you get them to make that transition? Here are some idea people I have […]

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8 Reasons the Line Managers You Hired Might be Micromanaging

By ab-intus | 23rd May 2019