Governing Body Case Study

Governing Body Case Study

The Requirement

Abintus were approached to work with the CEO of a national industry body following feedback from their chairman. The focus of the assignment was to explore a number of areas including relationship development between the CEO, the chairman and the board, understanding them as stakeholders and taking into account their needs and influences.

  • To consider the structure of the CEO’s team.
  • To focus on how the CEO could maximise the performance and outputs of their team.
  • To develop their own leadership style and behaviours.

What We Did

  • A number of coaching sessions to consider individual areas.
  • A key focus upon understanding the systemic nature of all the individuals (Chair, Board and CEOs team) and how that informed the CEO’s understanding of individuals and their needs
  • Examination of CEO behaviours – those congruent, those missing and those they might not even be aware of which could help or hinder relationship development
  • Exploration of CEOs team, structure, set up, roles and responsibilities.
  • Developing a picture of how the CEO wanted to see their team in 12 month’s time, how they would be working, performing and relating to each other. We used this to identify what plan and steps they needed to put into place to achieve that future state.
  • Consideration of the CEO’s personal behaviours and how they might be contributing or enabling certain behaviours in their team and the impact this might be having.

The Outcome

  • The CEO developed a broader awareness of themselves, their key stakeholders and team.
  • CEO was able to stand back and be less subjective. They were able to consider other views of the world and individual biases.
  • The coach was able to identify key actions to develop and manage relationship with the Chair and Board – to take a much more holistic approach in considering their agendas, needs and experience.
  • Coachee was able to use this to shape their language, behaviours and reporting.
  • More focus on the CEO ‘extracting’ themselves from the team to make them more self-sufficient and free up more of their time. Also to develop a plan for team development and improving team relationships.
Governing Body Case Study

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