Understanding different types of coaching.

By ab-intus | 8th October 2019

So many types of coaching out there. But what’s the difference? Who are they for? A simple guide.

Avoiding the ‘Peter Principle’ through coaching

By ab-intus | 8th October 2019

We want the best people to progress, sometimes though just because they are good in one area means this will transfer to a new role. Coaching makes the likelihood of success greater.

Transform your team’s culture through coaching and leadership.

By ab-intus | 3rd July 2019

Culture is often defined as ‘the way we do things around here’. We can see developing culture or influencing it as a big task and goal. Yes, organisational cultural change is complex and long term activity. However, daily coaching and leadership conversations influences the culture of teams bringing small, deliberate and impactful change. Create a […]