Charity Case Study

Charity Case Study

The Requirement

  • To work with a new line manager to develop their personal resilience around managing the expectations and needs of team members.
  • To develop approaches to work with stakeholders more confidently.

What We Did

  • Identified and explored perceptions around what ‘difficult’ was to the coachee.
  • Used real scenarios for the coachee to explore and develop approaches and actions
  • Encouraged them to seek feedback from stakeholders and also to reflect on their own performance.
  • Helped the coachee develop a systemic mindset to themselves, situations and people and use this to influence stakeholders.
  • Encouraged the coachee to source a range of tools to draw upon when different situations arose.

The Outcome

  • The coachee became more self-sufficient in being able to confidently analyse situations and people and determine the best approaches, behaviours, language and tools to use, to give them the outcomes they sought.
  • They were now able to look at each situation in its own context, examine their own roles and responsibilities and how to use own abilities to influence stakeholders.
  • Increased ability to reflect on their behaviours and actions and use this to continually learn from.
Charity Case Study

Feedback from coaches:

“I used to get worked up and felt that it was my fault the situations happened and…it knocked my confidence in other areas too. Now I look at situations very differently. There are multiple cogs in a situation and I am but one.”

“Increased assertiveness in pushing back and getting balance right for me.”

“Increased confidence in delivering messages in an effective way for me. Now I believe in myself more. The more I see happen the more I feel I can do it.”

“I seek regular feedback from all of my stakeholders which is reinforcing my self-belief and feelings.”

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