Investing in your Line Managers

Helping them to become the best version of themselves

Abintus uses holistic coaching to transform behaviours, boost knowledge and skill levels, to ultimately increase line manager performance

“Thank you very much. This is great news. I truly appreciate the strong investment you made in me throughout the process. You consistently presented thoughtful opportunities for growth and have a very engaging and inspiring way of offering challenges for further development. I really appreciated working with you on this qualification”

Line Manager, Financial Services Organisation

Line Managers are critical to the success of a company, but they often get caught up in work that stops them from driving change, achieving goals or growing their business. They often need help to draw out their capabilities, change their behaviours and become their best selves.

Your time is eaten up with your team, you know they can achieve more but you can’t draw out the best from them.

To maintain sustained progress, increase performance and to feel more fulfilled in your role and achievements, you need help.


We find that the changes many leaders want to make are straightforward but they don’t feel able, confident or empowered to try. Abintus helps them to find and understand the "how" and "why" in order to bring about the change and difference they seek.

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Don't just take our word for it. Take a look at some case studies from line managers who have worked with Abintus to achieve growth, change and progress.

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Nick Howell

Nick Howell

About Nick

Abintus is the brainchild of Nick Howell. ‘Ab Intus’ is the Latin for ‘From within’.

The Abintus philosophy works on the premise that leaders already possess the skills, abilities and experience they need to become more successful, achieve progress and maximise performance.

However, just like even the most experienced sports players need coaching, business leaders often need some training to maximise and apply their skills, and to draw out or hone their abilities further.