Virtual Coaching for Team Leaders Workshop

1 day or 4 modules

This workshop introduces coaching to team leaders, giving them the skills and confidence to use it with their reports. It allows the opportunity to understand how coaching works and fits into leadership and organisations. A practical and relevant workshop led by a highly qualified coach, trainer and coach supervisor. The workshop is also valuable for employees who want to enhance their people and communication skills in their own roles or projects.

This blended virtual workshop will use coaching notes, pre-work, discussions, activities and practice to develop coaching competence and confidence. It provides high levels access to the tutor during and after the workshop. It can be run on both a one to one or small number basis. Access is provided to a range of free coaching resources.

Coaching Development Programme

Virtual Coaching Team Leaders Workshop

Programme Modules

1. Knowing What Coaching Is

  • Understanding coaching as a valuable skillset for team leaders.
  • How organisations use coaching for performance, growth and development and the value coaching adds.
  • Recognising coaching as a valid leadership style.
  • Coaching’s relationship with leadership and other development interventions.

2. Effective Questioning and Listening Skills for Coaches

  • Examination of the two core skillsets, critical for powerful coaching.
  • Personal barriers to listening and how to overcome.
  • Identify and develop stronger listening and tools and techniques to becoming a powerful listener.
  • How to create effective coaching questions and being a consistent questioner.

3. Using a Coaching Model

  • Demonstrate how to a use coaching model as a framework to enable quality coaching conversations.
  • Aligning effective questions to a coaching model.
  • Considering the coaching model in everyday team leading.
  • Practice applying and using a coaching model.

4. Practicing Coaching

  • Bringing all the skills together and undertaking a real time coaching conversation.
  • Reflecting on your experiences and receiving feedback.

Candidates have the opportunity to practice their coaching in work and then have a conversation with the supervisor to review and discuss their experiences and learning.

What to Expect from the
Virtual Coaching for Team Leaders Workshop

By the end of the programme you will be able to:

  • Describe what coaching is and value it brings to team leadership
  • Demonstrate how using coaching you can transform employee performance
  • Confidently apply core listening, questioning and coaching skills and behaviours to a range of scenarios
  • Practice and apply coaching models in a range of employee and team situations
  • Identify how to apply coaching skills to employees and team.
Virtual Coaching for Team Leaders Programme

The programme at a glance:


For team leaders and employees who want to enhance their people and communication skills


Run one-to-one or small group basis


High levels of access to the tutor during and after


Delivered virtually by Zoom

Workshop commitment

To get the most from these development events candidates are required to:

  • Allocate time to prepare for and undertake virtual development sessions
  • Undertake all pre-work
  • Be present in the sessions and take part in discussions, asking questions to develop own knowledge
  • Practice some personal reflection from the virtual modules and coaching practice to enhance own learning
  • Workshop candidates have the opportunity to practice their coaching in the workplace and have a discussion around this with the Supervisor.

Benefits to Employers

  • Team leaders with increased focus upon goal-based employee performance, development and growth
  • Team Leaders trained to high standard in coaching
  • Increased skill levels of Team Leaders applicable to 121 performance management, team meetings, projects and change
  • Higher levels of emotional intelligence and people relationships
  • Ability to develop problem solving in others

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to complete the training?
The training is very flexible. If you want to complete the training over 1 day for the workshop that is possible. It just requires more pre-work up front However if you want to split the modules over a few days or weeks that is possible too.

The tutor on the training will discuss how you want to complete the programme. You will then agree to dates and times and the pre-work will be sent out in line with the agreed dates. We recognise that situations change and if you need to rearrange a module that can be accommodated. Ideally, we encourage candidates to complete their workshop training within 1 month. This ensures the learning remains fresh.

What is the assessment process?
There is no assessment within either the workshop. On the workshop, candidates have the choice to undertake coaching practice and discuss their experiences and learning via Zoom.
What does it mean in small groups or one-to-one?
The benefits of this training is that you don’t need to wait to get a group of 12 people to run the event. We can run the training with just one or a few people. This means that you get high quality individual attention and support.
How is learning undertaken in the training?
The training takes a blended approach. It consists pre-reading and work (videos and reflective examination of coaching in roles and organisation) before the training and before each module. Training notes and slides during Zoom based workshop.

Discussions and activities during modules to consider coaching and its application. Candidates will also undertake coaching practice and receive feedback on their coaching.

What are reflection notes and why do I need to do them?
A reflection note is an opportunity to examine your coaching session, what works and didn’t, what did you learn and how will you make changes. The coach simply captures these in a document and can be discussed with their supervisor.

Reflection allows coaches to continually learn and improve in their coaching practice. Whilst the workshop doesn’t require candidates to complete reflections notes, it is encouraged as best practice as a coach.

How do I join the training?

If you are interested in the training contact Nick Howell on 07867 785314 or send an email to to discuss the training and taking part.

To book

The cost for the programme is ÂŁ400 + VAT

To book please contact Nick Howell on 07867 785314 or email