Welcome to the Abintus resources page. The purpose of the pages is to provide all new coaches and managers working as coaches to have access to a large range of resources to help them develop their own coaching practice. If there are ones you use which aren’t on here, please do share with us, so we can make them accessible for others to use.


Developing The Right Coaching Culture

Coaching Models

Here are a range of commonly used coaching models and frames work for all coaching coaching scenarios and levels.


Having a number of ‘back pocket’ tools to use at the appropriate time and situation with a client is really handy and can make the coaching session flow better.


Coaching conversations require the coach to be able to deploy a breadth of different techniques to bring more out of the client and explore their situations. Here are some powerful ones.

Supervisor Experiences

As a coach supervisor I support coaches through their qualifications. Here are some common areas I notice where coaches can benefit from focusing on during their practice

Useful Coaching Information

Approaches, ideas and documents that will add value and depth to the coaching relationship and conversation.

Useful Models & Approaches

Other resources that can help coaches and leaders alike.