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Coach training by Abintus Coaching

Become a Coach
or develop your existing coaching skills

Abintus Coach Training provides the relevant knowledge and skills needed to become a coach, or to develop existing coaching skills. Within this pathway, we can train leaders, managers, individuals or teams to become coaches. With Abintus Coach Training, you’ll learn the effective coaching models, strategies and approaches to support your employees, teams and organisation. You’ll also learn how to introduce, embed and sustain them within your team, as well as the wider business.

Training and developing your own internal coaches reduces dependency on external resource, saving cost and time to the business. Businesses that focus on coaching, embedding its behaviours and mindsets into their organisational DNA also become high-functioning and high-performing. Create and sustain an environment that facilitates productivity and high performance with Abintus Coach Training.

Coach training by Abintus Coaching

Abintus Coach Training
High functioning and high performing

Coach training by Abintus Coaching

Could You Benefit From Abintus Coach Training?

You could benefit from coach training or developing your own internal coaches if you:

  • Rely heavily upon external coaches and mentors
  • Experience long-term internal challenges such as poor communication, frequent absence, poor performance, high turnover, lack of engagement
  • Value ongoing employee wellbeing, support and development
  • Are currently, or are about to go through a period of organisational change
  • Need to improve overall organisational culture
  • Want to make areas such as communication, feedback, inclusivity and high-performance part of your long-term organisational DNA

Areas Covered

  • Introduction, awareness and agreement over what coaching and mentoring are, how they are similar and different
  • Identifying and practicing the core skills involved in coaching
  • Learning where and how coaching and mentoring are used
  • Introduction of coaching models and processes
  • Developing awareness of boundaries and ethics in coaching
  • Contracting with coachees
  • Operating as an internal coach within an organisation
  • Opportunities to practice on real time topics and received feedback on use of coaching skills
  • Establishing and developing coaching relationships
  • Learning how to reflect on own practice as a coach
  • Opportunities to practice with coachees after the workshop, receive feedback and supervision on coaching activities.

Benefits Received

  • Decreased dependency on external coaches and therefore cost savings
  • Increased awareness of everyday opportunities as an internal coach
  • Creates formal and informal coaching opportunities
  • Can create an established coaching resource in organisation
  • Develop and employee value proposition for prospective employees
  • Influence team and organisational culture
  • Opportunity to build into People and Operational strategies as a performance tool
  • Reduction in longer term organisational training costs
  • Impact upon organisational engagement scores
  • Influence organisational leadership styles

Abintus Coach Training Courses

Abintus offer a variety of coach training courses and workshops, both accredited and non-accredited.

  • Coaching qualifications ILM Level 5 coaching and mentoring
  • 2-day coaching and mentoring core skills development and practice
  • 1-day Introduction to coaching skills
  • 1-day introduction to mentoring skills
  • Coaching skills managers

Whether you’re an Employee, a Team Member, or a Leader Abintus can support you...

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