One-to-one Leadership Coaching

One-to-one Leadership Coaching

One-to-one Leadership Coaching

For line managers looking to improve their performance, behaviours or capabilities through one-to-one coaching.

This approach focuses on developing inner leadership potential to directly impact on overall confidence and performance.

We target areas such as:

  • Senior manager coaching including leadership authenticity and brand, their ‘first 100 days of leadership’
  • Assisting senior managers and leaders to develop leadership behaviours and thinking
  • Leader work-life balance and management
  • Exploring a leader’s career direction or transition to new roles
  • Techniques to maintain and increase performance by effective adaptation and embracing of organisational and personal change
  • Intensive coaching – recognising that sometimes immediate change or action is required. Powerful tailored and structured 1-day coaching session with up to 3 hours subsequent telephone or Skype support
  • Facilitated coaching of teams to provide the team leader the support and direction they need

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