Leadership and Management Training

Leadership and management trainiing bh Abintus

Learn Core Leadership Skills
with training for leadership skills, behaviours and competencies needed to become a great leader

Abintus Leadership and Management Training supports individuals who are new to management, about to transition into a leadership role, or don’t feel they currently have the skills needed to be a great leader.

Abintus Leadership and Management Training will support you to develop positive, effective and sustainable leadership behaviours and to develop your leadership competency. You’ll also learn how to approach your new role with all the necessary leadership skills needed to get the most out of yourself and your team. Hit the ground running with Abintus Management and Leadership Training for the workplace. Set the foundations for sustainable high-performance from yourself and your team – right from the first week in your new role.

Leadership and management trainiing bh Abintus

Leadership and Management Training

Leadership and management trainiing bh Abintus

Could You Benefit From Leadership and Management Training?

You could benefit from Abintus training if you:

  • Are about to transition to a management role
  • Have little to no previous management or leadership experience
  • Are currently working in a management role and have low-confidence in your skills and abilities
  • Want to develop leadership competency to apply for a future management role

Areas Covered

With Abintus Management and Leadership Training, you’ll:

  • Benefit from tailored and delivered one-off or multi-day leadership competency training programmes both accredited and non-accredited to ILM and CMI standard.
  • Begin to develop your own leadership style
  • Learn about and draw from proven leadership models, strategies and approaches
  • Learn to identify your own competencies as well as those within your team, and use them to develop a focused leadership development programme
  • Learn a broader range of leadership behaviours and skills needed to develop respect and trust from teams
  • Explore and develop situational leadership through scenarios, feedback from employees, activities and discussion
  • Examine the behaviours and mindsets required from your new role
  • Receive performance management training, learning the skills and leadership behaviours needed to have difficult conversations.
  • Take place in feedback workshops to examine purpose, practice and behaviours for managers.

Benefits Received

  • Increased confidence in ability to perform well in new role
  • High performance from yourself and your team to minimise the ‘teething period’ that comes with adopting a new role
  • Increased skills and leadership competency
  • Change in perspectives and attitudes on exactly what your roles are and how to deliver.
  • Increased understanding and willingness to step up into the role, embracing rather than fearing it.
  • Increased assertiveness in role
  • Ability to develop respect and trust from team
  • Decreased reliance on directive command and control
  • Development of an inclusive leadership style, centred around communication and support.
  • Ability to utilise a range of leadership styles in order to engage employees and deliver objectives
  • Increased confidence in holding difficult performance management conversations and influence employee behaviour
  • Ability to utilise core skills to set a team vision and purpose to provide employees a focus and set of team values
  • Changed perspectives on performance management from a once-a-year activity to daily management thinking and discussions
  • Increased ability to step back from role and observe employee relationships and activity, and to make informed decisions based on this

Abintus Leadership and Management Training Courses

All Abintus Leadership and Management Training is offered via internal training courses lasting one day or more depending on objectives and desired outcomes. Abintus training courses are run through a mixture of PowerPoint and hands-on experiential learning.

  • DiSC leadership and management behaviours identification and development
  • Developing teams
  • Lencioni team dysfunctions assessment and development
  • Leading and coaching performance management
  • Leading and developing teams to high performance
  • Difficult performance conversations
  • Communication for leaders
  • Leading and coaching your team through change and transition
  • Understanding and developing your team culture
  • Team leader development – establishing basic people management skills and
    behaviours to establish the team and develop performance
  • First line manager – establishing and developing behaviours, practice and culture to enable core performance
  • Middle manager – establishing self as an organisational leader and developing strategic thinking, planning and performance.

Whether you’re an Employee, a Team Member, or a Leader Abintus can support you...

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