Utility Case Study

Utility Company Case Study

The Requirement

To develop line managers’ core leadership and commercial competencies. To lift line managers’ awareness and skill levels.

Each of the company’s line managers needed to:

  • Move up one competency level across bronze, silver and gold during the coaching phase.
  • Achieve a consistent ‘gold’ level across all competencies three months after the end of the coaching.

What We Did

  • Supported line managers to examine their own behaviours and responsibilities.
  • Identified ways to bring about change and personal growth across competency areas.

The Outcome

  • Each line manager developed an agreed plan to enable them to achieve a ‘gold’ competency level.
  • There was an average of 74% stepping up of at least one level across the three competencies.

Other tangible results of the coaching included:

  • Initiation of a business efficiency project
  • Improving relationships between leadership team and line managers, initiated by the line managers
  • Increased autonomy and self sufficiency
Utility Case Study

Feedback from coaches:

“Helped me to find my ‘mojo’ and re-engage”

“Clearer path to understanding what I need to do regarding influencing the business”

 “Sessions allowed me to explore what leadership means for me and how change impacts upon me and team”

“Helped me create more linear and separate thought processes, untangle them”

“Clarity on what I think, forcing me to challenge my perceptions”

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