Taking your Virtual Leadership to the next level – 26th February 2021, 11am.

We are now more familiar with working in the virtual realm. Living our work lives from a distance. However experience and evidence suggests that many leaders still find the whole concept of ‘virtual leadership’ a challenge. How to lead and manage a diverse and dispersed teams. How to be ‘present’ for their virtual teams. How to evolve their leadership style to one suited to the current working world. Determining how to ‘put their arms around the team’ and maintain performance without suffocating or controlling them.

As a leader are you experiencing any of the following challenges?

Unhealthy and unproductive virtual team communication.

Not sure how to develop a framework of virtual team communication.

Questioning how to be present as a virtual leader.

How to develop effective virtual team practices.

Shouldering too much of the team’s work and not having enough time to lead.

Reduced team ownership, accountability and autonomy.

Here’s a chance to change and develop:

An understanding of the impact of virtual working on teams and leadership to inform your new approaches to leadership.

Appreciation of what facets of your own personal leadership needs to adapt and sharpen.


Ways to ‘reset’ leadership and team thinking around virtual work practices.

Strategies and tactics to structure virtual leadership and team approaches.

A stronger foundation and direction for your virtual team.


Ways to role model virtual leadership

Clarity around leadership styles for the virtual world.

An outline plan toward ‘virtual improvement’.

Awareness of what a move toward a ‘hybrid team working’ might mean for your leadership.


You are in the right place if:


You are a team leader or manager wanting you to develop stronger virtual leadership practices


You are a leader wishing to coach or support your virtual team leaders


You are a HR leader or business owner wishing to effect change across your leadership population


FREE Webinar “Honing your virtual leadership” to transform your thinking around leading virtually.

This FREE Webinar is aimed to examine and improve the virtual leadership of our teams during these challenging times. We will explore the considerations and shifts we need to make in order to ensure team coherence, dynamic and performance.

Nick Howell is one of the UK’s leading workplace coaches who firmly believes in helping and serving people to help themselves. With empathy for the challenges Managers and Team Leaders already face, Nick developed the Online Coaching Workshop within lockdown to be able to carry on serving and supporting. Read more about Nick here.

“Establishing Team Trust Webinar” Details:


A 1 hour webinar, delivered by Zoom video

This session will take place out of office hours to not conflict with your commitments.


Delve into team trust



Common problems you are likely to be facing


Tips and resources for team management


Question and Answer session


Understand the next steps you need to take to establish team trust

Mention of something so that you will be doing a pitch.

Are you ready to…

Communicate openly and effectively with your team 

Clearly and regularly interact and communicate with your team honestly and openly. 

Be confident in team members being able to be honest and express their own vulnerabilities, without fear of embarrassment or come back.

Continuous and genuine giving and receiving of peer feedback.

Work as a team

Agreeing ways of team working, communicating and respecting each other.

An inclusive mindset toward all members, and utilising the diversity within the team. 

A positive transformation in how your team is viewed within the organisation.


Engage and contribute to your team

Engagement in healthy progressive debate to generate creativity and solutions.

Awareness of each other’s strengths, value and contributions to use these to deliver on performance.

A commitment to the team, its development, outputs and performance.

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