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The OSKAR model works from a position that the coaching process should be one of problem solving. It was developed by Mark McKergow and Paul Z. Jackson in their book β€˜The Solutions Focus: Making Coaching and Change Simple’ (2002)


This stage is to develop an understanding and agreement on what the goal or purpose of the session is. What does the coachee want or need to achieve in the time they have together?


Using a scale of 0 – 10 (with 10 being the best), establishing where the coachee is in relation to their goal.

Many coaches here just focus on the numbers. Rather than establishing what is happening or not happening that leads to that particular score. Exploring around what is and isn’t happening, thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Similarly, understanding what their ideal score would be and what would be different if it was that score. How they would be feeling and the impact it would have.

All this creates a more of a 3D picture of the situation and not just numbers. It also helps to identify some measure for both parties.

Know How

Exploring what the coachee has already achieved. What skills and abilities they have that have helped them to achieve. What particularly helped them to achieve? Consider where they have faced similar situations before, and how they dealt with that.

What are the skills, attributes and insights the coachee needs to move them forward? Scaling can be used to understand how close a particular solution with get to resolve the situation. And what it is about that particular solution that might make it work.

Getting the coachee to consider what other people would say they are doing that is working

Affirm and Action

Providing positive affirmation, reflective feedback and comments to the coachee on what you have heard.

Exploring what is going as planned for the coachee


Reviewing progress against actions from last session, what worked for you? What did they do differently that made it successful? What effect did the change have on the situation, themselves and others? Exploring what they will focus on and change next?

OSKAR takes a slightly different approach to GROW and sees the coaching area as a problem to be solved. It is a very practical pragmatic approach, and has a forward focusing mindset to it.

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