Leadership Training and Development


Leadership Training and Development

We work with clients to understand the problems they are trying to solve and tailor the content, examples, methods and tools to ensure the needs of the individuals and organisation are exceeded.

Abintus have experience of delivering the following ‘soft’ or ‘tactical’ skill and behaviour training:

  • DiSC team behaviours analysis and relationship development workshops
  • Understanding, leading and working with teams through change
  • Train the trainer
  • Presenting with impact
  • Team development
  • Managing conflict
  • Influencing
  • Ideas generation
  • Self management and self efficiency
  • Leading and managing meetings
  • Edward de Bono’s Six Hats workshop – team and meeting effectiveness
  • Half or full day workshop sessions
  • Highly experiential and interactive – can be run with or without PowerPoint

Leadership and Management

  • DiSC leadership and management behaviours identification and development
  • Team member development
  • Understanding and developing ‘team dysfunction’
  • Creating the team culture you want
  • Team leader
  • First line manager
  • Middle manager
  • Leading and developing teams

To ensure the quality of the content and best practice, many workshops are designed to follow the Institute of Leadership and Management ILM ‘Indicative content’. However prior to any development being designed we will hold conversations with key stakeholders to understand their development needs. We will undertake a diagnostic assessment with all stakeholders to then be able to propose a bespoke approach to the content and deliver methods.

If any organisation follows a particular leadership model or philosophy we can make this central to the development, language and outputs.

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