Equipping Leaders and Managers with the skills to manage remote teams

The workplace is currently experiencing unprecedented change with a rapid shift to remote working. Managers and Team Leaders are faced with new leadership challenges from their remote teams – communication, motivation, direction and a climate of uncertainty.

Are you dealing with any of the following challenges?…

The inability to hit performance targets since the start of lockdown.

Team leader under-confidence in rising to the challenge of managing remote teams.

Communication struggles that come with managing remote teams.

A clear disconnect between team members and team leaders.

Lack of team motivation.

Under-staffing and a reduced workforce requiring more employees to take on multiple roles and responsibilities.

An atmosphere of uncertainty.

Lack of clear direction.

It doesn’t have to be this way – imagine if you could discover and develop…

Increased focus on goal-based employee performance, development and growth.

The ability to harness the true power and potential of your remote team.

An understanding of coaching as well as the team leader’s role as a coach.

Improved communication skills to rise to the challenge of remote working and managing remote teams.

Improved feedback capabilities.

The ability to identify and remove personal and team barriers to progress.

Increased self problem-solving and the ability to develop problem solving capabilities in others.

The ability to bring all skills and techniques learnt to the workplace and practically apply them to your team.

The ability to embrace and adapt to change whilst encouraging others to do the same.

The emotional intelligence and resilience needed to support and nurture teams through uncertainty.

Identify and develop stronger listening tools and techniques to become a powerful listener.

You are in the right place if:


You are an HR manager or business owner responsible for staff training and development.


You are a Team Leader or Manager looking to improve your own capabilities.


Your organisation has multiple Team Leaders and Managers looking to effect cultural change with a coaching team.

Nick Howell is one of the UK’s leading workplace coaches who firmly believes in helping and serving people to help themselves. With empathy for the challenges Managers and Team Leaders already face, Nick developed the Online Coaching Workshop within lockdown to be able to carry on serving and supporting. Read more about Nick here.


Online Coaching Workshop for Team Leaders and Managers

A workshop aimed to equip Leaders and Managers with the skills needed to coach teams through these challenging times, as well a helping to develop the capabilities to manage remote teams. Our Online Coaching Workshop blends online resources with practical support from one of the UK’s leading workplace coaches.

Discover The Workshop Features and Benefits:


A 1 day remote coaching workshop, delivered by Zoom video

This intensive session is designed to streamline your time to work around your commitments. 


Alternative 4 module workshop, delivered by Zoom video

This alternative approach allows your learning to be split over a period of time to suit you and your commitments.


Blending online resources with practical support from one of the UK’s leading workplace coaches

With remote working and uncertainty still present, this approach helps the Managers and Team Leaders gain confidence using this medium.


A practical, interactive coaching workshop

This is not a presentation, it is a collaborative, interactive way of learning.



This gives you the opportunity to practically implement what you have learned with support from Nick Howell.


Ongoing comprehensive support FROM NICK HOWELL after the workshop

This gives you the opportunity to practically implement what you have learned with ongoing support from Nick Howell. (might be worth stating how long this support goes on for, is it extra cost?)

Also possible:


The opportunity to run it exclusively for your company

Book one team leader or receive a discount when you book multiple management personnel. This will help to leverage the support from within the organisation, provide confidence and reassurance to your personnel and is a more effective way to implement cultural change!

Our Guarantee

To delivery an interactive, practical workshop in a nurturing, safe environment to explore and share challenges you are facing.

We promise it will be fun and engaging with lots of practical tips and strategies to take away and implement.

Ongoing support from Nick Howell for xx amount of time.





“This workshop was brilliant. I can’t recommend Nick enough for providing such a xyz environment, lots of resources, practical tips and xyz, I am excited to go away and put this into practice”


To book

The cost for the programme is £400 + VAT

To book please contact Nick Howell on 07867 785314 or email

Frequently Asked Questions

The future of my business feels uncertain - Why should I invest time and money in development and training right now?

Now is actually the most crucial time to invest in training and development!

  • Managers and leaders may have had some leadership training, but this won’t have prepared them for the challenges of the current climate which nobody could have predicted. – Especially when it comes to managing remote teams.
  • Whilst some existing team leader skills will still be relevant, this time requires leaders to pivot their approach in order to recognise this challenge for the opportunity it brings whilst also coaching their team through these challenges.
  • Your employees will need extra support during this time, which should come from their managers. Managers should be equipped to provide this extra support, as well as motivating and coaching their teams to success.
  • If you want your business to succeed in the long-term, you need to embrace change in the short-term. This involves supporting your managers to adopt a culture of problem-solving, change-management, improved communication etc. -all of which is covered in this online coaching workshop.
  • However, you only have a short amount of time to get ready for the changes to come, or risk an uncertain future for your business – make the most of your opportunity today!
What support and resources will I have to complete the course?
You will be guided throughout the course by an experienced workplace coach, receiving support and feedback after course completion to implement what you’ve learned.

Upon booking the course, you will gain access to a collection of coaching resources. You can read through these before the course, use them to support your learning and retain access to them after you’ve completed the course.

What makes this course different to others?
  • It is one of the most interactive and supportive remote coach training courses in the UK.
  • More than just a presentation – you’ll work through a comprehensive learning journey with one of the UK’s most experienced workplace coaches, Nick Howell.
  • You’ll also be given the task to practically apply what you’ve learnt to your team, with ongoing feedback and advice from Nick after the completion of the course.
  • The whole course is taught via Zoom, in the comfort of your own home!
  • Whilst most online coaching courses are completed with an exam, the Abintus online workshop for team leaders focuses on practical application of skills.
  • There is only one Nick Howell! Nick has been a leading workplace coach for over 10 years. He’s worked across a wide variety of industries and sectors, and brings a nurturing, supportive approach to workplace coaching that you won’t find with other providers.
What is the assessment process?”
There is no assessment process or exam needed with the Abintus Online Coaching Workshop for Team Leaders. Here at Abintus, we focus everything we do around practical application. 

After the workshop has been completed, candidates will be supported by their online tutor, Nick Howell to implement what they’ve learned. We find this facilitates greater organisational change and more real-life application than a written exam.

How is learning undertaken in the training?
The training takes a blended approach. It consists of pre-reading and preliminary work before the workshop and before each module. The online coaching workshop is then delivered via Zoom with training notes, slides and discussions with the online tutor, Nick Howell.

Nick will facilitate discussions and activities during modules to consider how candidates can practically apply what they’ve learned. Then, following the workshop, candidates will receive continued support to apply their new capabilities to their teams. They’ll also receive feedback and advice on how to improve their coaching skills.

How long do I have to complete the training
The training is very flexible. If you want to complete the training over 1 day for the workshop that is possible. It just requires more pre-work up front However if you want to split the modules over a few days or weeks that is possible too.

The tutor on the training will discuss how you want to complete the programme. You will then agree to dates and times and the pre-work will be sent out in line with the agreed dates. We recognise that situations change and if you need to rearrange a module that can be accommodated. Ideally, we encourage candidates to complete their workshop training within 1 month. This ensures the learning remains fresh.