Download the Abintus guide to developing a workplace culture

This download and exercises are designed to help you:


  • Facilitate an ongoing journey of cultural change
  • Support you to think about how to build a business case for coaching
  • Engage key stakeholders
  • Provide input on activities and approaches that promote the foundation for a coaching culture and establish good practice
  • Look at how culture and coaching can be supported and sustained within your organisation

We’ve designed this guide as a hands-on way to help you to plan your coaching culture implementation. Each section of the guide comes with tick boxes, checklists and practical exercises for you to work through.

Does your workplace suffer from poor or ‘toxic’ culture?

Is your business dealing with high turnover rates or lower productivity than you know you’re capable of?

There’s a saying in the coaching world: when it comes to the workplace, ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast.’ If your culture isn’t right, then your strategy will never be successful.

That’s why at Abintus, we’ve created this guide to help you develop a workplace culture where…

  • Questioning, not telling, is a dominant style
  • Experiences are shared
  • Employees are seen as experts and this expertise is drawn upon
  • Potential is recognised and tapped into
  • Interferences to performance are identified and removed.
  • Relationship building becomes pivotal
  • Individual engagement is developed and utilised.
  • Employees, teams and managers focus on finding solutions rather than problems.

This guide has been created by experts in the field of workplace coaching and is the product of over 10 years of coaching and mentoring experience.We hope you will find the download useful in developing your own team or organisational coaching culture. If we can help support your culture development through, conversation, coaching or training please do contact us!

Nick Howell, Abintus