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Development planning is a key part of a coaches role. It helps formalise and plan their own development. It also helps them formulate conversations with coachees, enabling their development planning. A simple document to structure the process and conversation ensuring quality outcomes.

Development planning document

Many development plans contain limited information. This simple document ensures you cover all bases. It can be adapted and added to according to situationalneeds.

Coach : Coachee development planning

Building in the development conversation

Though tempting to get coachee’s to complete the document, there is value in discussing it together. Questions will bring more awareness and confirmation for the coachee. It is their document so it needs to be full of relevant information. The coach brings out this relevance. They are able to challenge coachee thinking around their development, identifying area that might be missed.

Similarly for the organisational coach. The document enables a focused conversation to be had with their line managers.

Formal development conversations can be part of the coaching conversation where appropriate. It is key in helping the coachee find direct for themselves. Similarly it is an opportunity for coaches to formalise their own development within the organisation. Making the process clearer, leads to better outcomes.

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