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A common question I get asked is about the difference between coaching and mentoring. Indeed it forms a fundamental part at the start of our coaching workshops. A good way of showing this is through a simple comparison table.

Comparison table

This simple table considers some key areas and simply looks at them through both the coaching and mentoring lens.

As coaching and mentoring both mature and evolve within businesses, the answers on this table may also change. The list is not definitive, but it is a meaningful consideration.

Click here to see a PDF of the table

Value in knowing the differences and similarities

Many new coaches mistakenly ‘switch’ between coaching and mentoring. They believe that is they slip into ‘mentoring mode’, they are then allowed to offer more ideas or event tell their coaches how to approach situations.

Once the difference is known, the coach and mentor can maximise their work within respective boundaries. It allows them to utilise the skills in that particular area and ensure their conversations remain focused for the client. They can also ably switch between them when required reducing the risk of confusing their clients.