Understanding different types of coaching.

By ab-intus | 8th October 2019

So many types of coaching out there. But what’s the difference? Who are they for? A simple guide.

Avoiding the ‘Peter Principle’ through coaching

By ab-intus | 8th October 2019

We want the best people to progress, sometimes though just because they are good in one area means this will transfer to a new role. Coaching makes the likelihood of success greater.

The most important leadership gift you have…

By ab-intus | 2nd September 2019

The quality time a leader gives to their employees is transformational to both parties. No matter how qualified or experience the leader is, this is critical for employees.

Cycling and Leadership

By ab-intus | 16th August 2019

I know you could make similar sporting analogies. Humour me it’s Friday, I am allowed! Those who know me know I am an avid cyclist. Twice a week work permitting, including a long ride in on the weekend. I have toured, done Sportives and Audaxes and pottered into town. I love cycling. Those who regularly […]

Becoming a learning leader

By ab-intus | 1st August 2019

The generic quote of ‘leaders never stop learning’ is so true, but how do we make it a reality? Here, we examine how these leaders become ‘learning leaders’. Where their learning and development is integral to who they are and how they operate in their organisations. It is part of their leadership DNA. Choosing your […]

What stops you investing in your leadership?

By ab-intus | 1st August 2019

As well as leading people and the company, senior leaders are role models, change agents, stakeholders, and the face of the company. To maintain these high value and high quality activities requires leaders to invest in themselves and their leadership. To be the best versions of themselves, every day. Yet, many leaders don’t invest in […]

good leadership vs bad leadership

8 Signs of bad leadership – how leaders adversely impact upon the culture of their teams

By ab-intus | 22nd July 2019

Leaders rarely reflect on how their leadership impacts on the culture of their teams. Find out more about bad leadership and how to avoid it in your team.

Executive Coaching, opportunities and you.

By ab-intus | 12th July 2019

Interestingly, leaders support their children, teams and peers but when it comes to themselves they can be more hesitant. Leaders may often think about Executive Coaching as an approach but don’t pursue it. They question if it is the right thing for them, or wonder what they will gain from it. Primarily, Executive Coaching provides […]

leaders giving feedback abintus article

Giving Feedback: Why The Managers You Hired Might Be Avoiding It…

By ab-intus | 3rd July 2019

Giving and receiving feedback is one of the most important aspects of being a good leader. But many managers and leaders really struggle with this aspect of the job. Here are some of the main reasons why leaders may not be giving regular, consistent feedback. Why is giving feedback important? When I run development or […]

line manager managing but not leading

7 Reasons Why Your Managers Are Managing But Not Leading

By ab-intus | 3rd July 2019

You have a breadth of managers working for you and some will naturally progress. Others, no matter how they approach their work they just don’t seem to progress to more leadership roles. They are managing, but not leading. Aside from technical ability, there is some common feedback I hear from senior leaders about those who […]